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Addy the Addict

May 11, 2010

Perhaps it is silly but I have chosen to name the “addict voice/thoughts” within me. I would like to introduce you to Addy the Addict. My thought process for doing this is it will enable me to more easily identify this voice within me. Generally I can, however, there are those times when Addy can be very deceptive and manipulative. She’s an addict and we all know what wonderful con artists addicts can be. I don’t mean to sound as if I actually have a split personality, but, it is certainly appearing this way. What I do know is that some life situations, usually the stressful ones, trigger Addy’s appearance. She attempts to take control and insists that she knows what I can or cannot handle. She offers assistance in the form of any kind of mood altering substance. She wants to have instant relief. She is an instant gratification addict. My conversations with her have been going on since I first wanted to get clean. The only difference is she did not have a name until now. I am in hopes this will also allow me to more clearly separate myself from my addiction. Nonetheless it should be at least interesting and even entertaining at times.

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  1. May 11, 2010 1:24 pm

    Interesting coping mechanism. Putting a name to your addiction may help you recognize it when it tries to feed, or take over!!! Will definitely be interesting to read about!

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