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Fair Weather Friends Need Not Apply

May 11, 2010
Run, run….I’m surely contagious! After reading another blog tonight, , I remember all too well the loss of people I thought were friends during my addiction and many attempts at recovery. They treated me as if I were contagious. At the time, I really didn’t notice so much since I was completely consumed with the drug. However, looking back, I have lots of questions. Why did they not offer me help? Did they simply not care enough about me? How can someone turn their back on any human being in such desperate need? Would they not have offered food to a starving person? Then why not offer an addict help to recover?
I realize that it is frightening to someone ignorant of addiction. But if it were your own child, then wouldn’t you be grateful for a friend to at least offer help? I have one particular person on my mind. We had been friends for almost all of my life. I had always helped her whenever she needed it. Of course, not with anything as serious as addiction. Of all the people in my life, I would have never expected her to be the one to turn and run in the opposite direction. In fact, prior to all of this, I considered her a genuine and caring woman. She dropped me like a hot piece of coal. I have resented her for years over this. But now, I realize I simply need to let her go in love. She remains ignorant of addiction. To be sure, she has also turned her back on a family member in the same desperate need as I once was. This is not someone I want or need in my life. I must surround myself with people who care about me through the good and through the bad. No fair weather friends for me.
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