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Pointing my finger and saying “Shame on you doctor!”

May 12, 2010

Yes, it’s part of the problem!

After reading the article above, which is actually old news to me, I am back to the blame game! These doctors should be held accountable for over-prescribing and hence, contributing to the supply of street Oxycontin. This is a prime example of the state of our healthcare system. As long as America’s health care system is “for profit,” there will be doctors, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies, etc causing harm for the sake of increasing their own wealth. The extent of the harm caused by over-prescribing doctors is far-reaching. It enables the disease of addiction to infiltrate families and communities everywhere at an alarming rate. State to state variations on laws governing the distribution of opiates is absurd. An addict will drive any given distance to cross a state line if it means obtaining their drug. America, as a country, needs to take more aggressive actions on the distribution of Opiates. We need to put an end to these doctors who over-prescribe pain pills, specifically Oxycontin. How difficult can it be? If I know about them, then shouldn’t the government know about them? If not, I’m even more concerned about our national security system.

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  1. May 12, 2010 10:13 pm

    I wish so much that something would be done about this. My daughter is an oxy addict and I have not seen her or her kids in over two years. This drug has costs me precious time with my unknown grandchildren and my daughter. I live in fear every day that something terrible is going to happen to her or her kids. I know that they have gone to FL to buy pills. I would like to close down all these pain med clinics. I am thinking about contactng DATELINE to do an investigation. National attention needs to be brought to this epedemic. These are not doctors in FL they are drug dealers. Don’t you take an oath as a doctor? Where does the “first do no harm” fir into this? One hearbroken Mom speaking.

    • May 13, 2010 1:31 am

      I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope that she reaches out for help before it’s too late and I pray her children are not affected by this. I could not imagine being a mother during the years I was addicted. Thank God I had no children then. I never traveled to FL to get my pills. But I know people personally who are doing this now. In fact, there is a growing number of them in my community. You are absolutely right, these doctors are simply drug dealers with a degree. I’m surprised DATELINE has not uncovered this epidemic already.

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