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May 21, 2010

Awww, the weekend has arrived! After a long work week, I am ready for some relaxing, non-stressful, playful and personal time. What do I have planned? Absolutely nothing! I was just remembering how my weekends were when I was at my worst in addiction. At that time, I rarely even recognized that it was the weekend. The days of the week all ran together and the only thing I was focused on was getting more of my drug. Another day only meant another pill to me. I did not have a job because I simply could not maintain one. I only had time to search for my next fix. And of course, if I did not get my next fix, then I was drug sick and could not even get out of bed. I was not concerned with the day of the week at all. That has all changed. And now I can say, with joy, “thank God it’s the weekend!”

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  1. May 22, 2010 4:11 pm

    My daughter has said that being an addict in active use is a full time job. Chasing the next high and getting high take up every single hour of every day. How wonderful that you can enjoy life in it’s endless possibilities 🙂
    Thanks for the comments you’ve left on my blog. They’ve really touched me.
    Enjoy your weekend!

    • May 22, 2010 4:16 pm

      She is absolutely right. By the time you find your fix and use, the process begins again. It is a continuous search, hunt, obtain, use and search again process.

  2. joer223 permalink
    May 25, 2010 1:04 am

    In addiction there’s only two things you can do. Think about using, and using. And yes all day’s just all bleed into one. Thank you for this wonderful blog! I’m so happy you made your way out of the darkness, and depths of despair!

    Wishing you endless days of happiness!

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