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Scheduling Sanity

August 4, 2010

I’ve been unemployed for about three weeks now. That equates to exactly 22 semi-random, unstructured and unscheduled days. My sanity is slowly slipping away. I’m not good with random time on my hands. I aimlessly roam through my house trying to decide what to do next. I spend most of my time reacting to events instead of being proactive. This is completely abnormal for me. I require a schedule/routine/itinerary in order to operate at my best capacity.

In my employed state, I operate most efficiently when I begin my day with an evaluation of tasks at hand. I prioritize them and can then easily throw myself into the work whole-heartedly. Why have I not utilized this same approach at home? The maintenance and management of a household, I have discovered, can be a full-time job. There are numerous tasks in need of completion and just as many still awaiting in queue. If I could approach this with a business-oriented mind, perhaps I could accomplish some of these tasks. Yet, I find myself procrastinating continuously. I am only completing what absolutely has to be completed and nothing more. Why? Is it because I think time is not of essence at home? Is it because I don’t have a meeting scheduled in which I must discuss the results of my ongoing tasks and projects? I am lacking accountability in this new position as an unemployed “forced” homemaker?

My new approach will be to set up a schedule for myself. I’m working on routine and daily tasks at the moment and then plan to incorporate some seasonal projects as well. I am in hopes that, with a little motivation, I will be more productive in adhering to a schedule. If I can successfully manage multiple projects through completion in the business world, surely I can do the same at home. Right?

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  1. August 4, 2010 11:31 am

    You’re absolutely right. I operate best on a schedule as well. As a matter of fact my life quickly disintegrates into a stew of procrastination if I don’t have one. Nothing gets done, then week after week I beat myself up over it an get more and more depressed.
    Being off work for at least the next month and a half is forcing me to re-evaluate the schedule that i did have. It’s not working, especially with the kids home for the summer. Thanks for this reminder…doing the vegan cleanse has given me some structure ( but I need to go way further. Do you mind posting what you come up with? I’ll post mine on my other personal blog
    Maybe we can inspire each other 🙂
    I hope you have a great and wonderful day!

    • August 4, 2010 6:08 pm

      I would love to share my thoughts on scheduling my days and look forward to hearing about yours as well! 🙂

  2. August 4, 2010 8:41 pm

    What caught my attention was the title of this post. LOVE IT!
    I’m the same way…I need a plan or some sort of structure, otherwise I would probably sit in my jammies all day & wander around looking lost!

    Great post! 🙂

    • August 5, 2010 2:06 am

      Thank you! I’m creating a schedule because I have been sitting in my jammies all day! I really appreciate the comment and please stop by again soon. 🙂

  3. August 4, 2010 11:27 pm

    I forgot to mention that I reviewed the first two facial products I made. It’s posted on

    I’ll work on the schedule over the next couple of days and get it posted.

  4. August 4, 2010 11:51 pm

    Greetings! I can relate. I suddenly lost my primary job a couple of years ago. I still had a job working about 6 hours per week, but was at loose ends the rest of the time. My Mom was really sick at the time so it turned into a blessing – I got to spend more time with her during the last year of her life.
    But I had a lot of feelings of inadequacy. As in, if I’m not working, what good am I to the planet? I was surprised at how quickly my mood dropped.
    I did need to schedule my time. In the mornings I was with Mom, then I came home and started to write the book that I’d always meant to write. I did finish it, and it will be published next month, hopefully. My point is, look at time as a wonderful gift. What passion have you neglected because of a lack of time? Who knows what turns your life could take.

    • August 5, 2010 2:09 am

      Thank you for the encouraging comment. I’ve not had much time to consider my passions as I’ve been dedicating as much time possible to job searching. But that is a wonderful suggestion and if nothing turns up soon, I need to take a step back and look at other avenues of fulfillment to pursue. Congrats on your soon to be published book! Keep me posted about where and when and I can get a copy 🙂

  5. August 8, 2010 3:25 pm

    I’ve posted about my new daily and weekly schedule. If you want to have a look it’s at Now we’ll have to see if I can make it work!

    I’m looking forward to seeing yours 🙂


    • August 9, 2010 3:31 am

      I love the rhythms not schedules mentality! Thanks for the inspiration. I’m working on my post and should have it soon. 🙂

  6. August 13, 2010 4:32 pm

    I’m all about lists and schedules. Without them, I too wander about the house aimlessly thinking, “Well, I could do this…or maybe this….”

    • August 13, 2010 5:50 pm

      Thanks for the comment! I’m actually doing better with sticking to a schedule although with a toddler in the house, it may change without notice! lol 🙂

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