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I’m Still Here…

September 19, 2010

Hello WordPress readers. I’m still here. I have been so busy with my new job that I’ve been unable to find the time to write. I miss it tremendously but am oh so very grateful to have a wonderful career ahead of me. I love my job and am focused on shortening my learning curve as much as possible. It’s been a while since I’ve had a professional position as I do now and I forgot how much I enjoy this type of work (Supply Chain). For the first time in over seven years, I feel like I actually have a career and a future. This is a GREAT feeling!

My last post left you wondering what the miracle was that “saved” me. Well, he is almost 20 months old now and yes, he is my miracle. I had tried to become pregnant for many years. I even went as far as having some test done and attempting artificial insemination. Nothing. Then, as you have read, I lost my brother suddenly in a car accident. Life was not and never will be the same. I miss him infinitely. My mother was on the verge of suicide. Then, June 4, 2008, I took a pregnancy test, believing it would be negative. I literally fell off the toilet when it showed the positive sign. I know in my heart that God sent me and my family this little miracle, not to replace my brother, but to help us heal from his death.

I thank God each and every morning I awake to such wonderful blessings in my life. I moved home from Germany in August 2008. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in January 2009. I landed an incredible position in which I have a great career ahead of me in September 2010. Life is good. To think back and remember where I was and the state of mind I was in 8 years ago is a very emotional reminder. Eight years ago, I was addicted to Oxycontin and had no hope for a future. My life was empty and my soul was dead. I’ve come a long way with the help of God and my family.

My daily prayer is that all addicts can find their way out of addiction and into God’s glorious and blessed path. To be a child of God and to know His love is the most awesome peace of mind I have ever experienced. I pray that each and every drug addict can find their way to this peace that I know and cherish.

May God bless all who happen upon these words. I hope to continue writing here and will be trying to catch up on those posts that I follow dearly.

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  1. September 20, 2010 7:21 pm

    Woohoo – way to go girl!! Your post is so infectious – your happiness radiating from every word. HUGE congratulations on finding your new job. And not just any job – one that you enjoy and with such great prospects. I am so happy for you!!

    Us mothers truly are blessed and just hearing about the miracle that is your son nearly brought a tear to my eye.

    With love and happiness to you and your family. Nora x

    • September 21, 2010 1:46 am

      Thanks you so much for the well wishes. It’s amazing how we’ve never met but I can sense and actually feel the kindness of your soul. You and your sister are always in my prayers. Wishing you many blessed days ahead. 🙂

  2. September 20, 2010 7:26 pm

    Oh and by the way – you are an inspiration. Knowing what you have achieved, against the odds, gives me hope for my sister. That is priceless. Thank you. x

  3. September 21, 2010 7:25 pm

    One pill–blessings to you. I, like you, hope every addict can somehow weather her/his way through the storm. You are an inspiration, as Works Aside said. We’ll keep up with the good fight, shall we?

    Take care,


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